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Customer must read

If you are a new customer, please be sure to understand the following content:


“Master chip” refers to a chip with a program that needs to be decrypted, which is called a original chip;


Chip cracking will damage the original chip and cannot be returned;


The final result of unlocking is consistent with the functionality of the original  chip and cannot add or remove functions;


The program sent after unlocked is: programming code, bin, hex. (Not in source code C language);


 No charge for decryption failure,IC unlock, only legal!

Why do I need to unlock the IC?

Because the MCU chips in the product are encrypted. You can’t read a program by using the programmer directly. But sometimes, for some reason, it is necessary to get access to the program inside the chip. Find losting data or copy some chips.

Unlock IC is applied to discontinued products. Repair expensive equipment, or research of advanced products. The production of copyrighted goods must authorize by the owner of the property rights. Otherwise, it will bear the corresponding legal responsibility. We remind friends: Have IC unlock company or individual must not illegal operation!


What are the ways to unlock an IC?

Perhaps many people want to understand the mysterious technology behind unlocking this chip. Now we will explain the principle of IC unlock to everyone:

IC decryption is through some devices and methods. Get the programming files directly from the encrypted chip.Then you can copy the programming chip yourself. Or disassemble after their own reference research. There are currently two approaches to unlock IC:


There is also a hardware-based, combined with auxiliary software to unlock IC, called intrusive attack. This method requires opening the cover or decapsulation. Modern high-precision plasma devices , such as focused ion beam (FIB) are then utilized. Metallographic microscope, DECABLE equipment, etc. Deals with silicon encryption circuits. Enable it to read its internal code program on general purpose, or special programming verification equipment.( This is what we usually call the unlocking scheme). This method destroys the chip shape structure, and the chip core line only affects the encryption function. One of the current mainstream unlocking methods.


• One is software-based: called non-intrusive attacks. That’s what we usually call a soft unlock! You need to use some software to verify the induction. And voltage and current attack technology. But also through the design of special software and equipment. Achieve the role of data guidance. So as to realize the data regeneration of the chip.Such as home-made devices like programmers. This method does not destroy the original chip (the chip is not encrypted after unlocking). For example, if we unlock the ARM( STM32F) fujitsu chip and Artery (AT32F) chip, it will not destroy the original chip. This has a lot to do with the original chip programming software, programming methods, programming languages and so on. There will also be a probability of unlocking failure.

Chip decryption Device

What chips can we unlock?

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IC unlock question

In addition to special several soft decryption schemes after the chip. Most of the other chips will be damaged when unlocked. In principle, we can not return the original chip regardless of success or failure!

The price of IC unlock is different because of many factors, such as the brand of chip, the model of chip, the way of encryption and so on. Therefore, it is best to quote the exact price based on your actual chip consultation!

After we received the chip, the initial test confirmed that the chip was unlockable. You need to pay a 50% deposit. After testing the new sample successfully, you need to pay the full cost, and we will send the program to you!

Our company has been operating for 20 years seriously promise to all friends: decryption failure will never charge any fees! Please don’t worry!

Of course not. There are many kinds of chip models. Encryption methods are also different. We have to invest a lot of manpower and money to develop a solution for each type of encrypted chip! Therefore. Not all chips can be cracked!

We have repeatedly stated that the source of the chip is legal, and the chip received by the company is by default a legal source. The company is not responsible for any legal disputes caused!


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