How to unlock Hitachi hd64f chip IC?

How to unlock Hitachi chip IC?

The HD63701 series microcontroller decryption is a typical decryption model in the field of Hitachi series microcontroller decryption. In the decryption field of Renesas series microcontrollers such as Hitachi, our decryption technology is already mature and has undergone repeated experiments. We have rigorously verified the decryption results of each chip, and can provide customers with safe, reliable, and reasonably priced IC decryption/microcontroller decryption services.
Hitachi microcontroller (HD64 series, H8S series) chip decryption:
Renesas is a semiconductor company jointly owned by Hitachi Electronics (HITACHI) and Mitsubishi Electric (MITSUBISHI). Its MCU (microcontroller) is used in communication, automatic control, and automotive electronic products, and is a representative of Japanese microcontrollers; We can provide decryption services for HD64FXXX microcontroller, HD647XXX microcontroller, and HD643XXX series Hitachi chips.
Model notes: HD represents Hitachi, 64 represents MCU, 7 represents OTP, F represents FLASH model, and HD643 is a mask type microcontroller;

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