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Our Story

Our company: Hong Kong Hengxin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong in 2003; Renamed as Xingdar Technology Hong Kong Limited in 2008; In 2019, it registered Shenzhen Orod Technology Co., Ltd., a company in Chinese Mainland. We have always focused on the same technical work. I have deep technical expertise in the same industry!

Since 2003, we have mainly applied for the original brand of Hong Kong HX for foreign friend service companies; Further applied for the Hong Kong HINGDAHL brand; Applied for Chinese patent brand SZOROD in 2020;


Enterprise Outlook

To meet the needs of domestic and international customers. In order to adapt to the current trend of technology. The company has a long-term better plan in the future: 1. It will replace the existing basic work of PCB Reverse engineering with artificial intelligence technology; 2. A batch of modern high-precision equipment will be added; 3. Prepare domestic listing plan within the next five years

1, In terms of PCB Reverse engineering technology, our company:

PCB circuit diagrams below 12 layers have a 100% accuracy rate and pass at once!

2, The success rate of unlocking difficult encryption chips reaches 90%;

3,The company completes PCB cloning orders of 50-60 pieces per day; The number of decrypted chips reaches 60-70pcs;

4, Complete more than 95% of the delivery time as promised in the contract;

Our Partners

SZOROD has been mainly focused on foreign markets since the beginning. So far, more than 100 countries have cooperated; More than 1000 cooperative enterprises. Mainly concentrated in Southeast Asia, Europe and America, South America, the Middle East, and other regions. Major countries include India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Poland, Brazil, Türkiye, Indonesia and Thailand. UK, USA, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, etc.

SZOROD Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing templates for continuous innovation of electronic products, establishing the world’s largest manufacturing platform for small and medium-sized batch production, and becoming a first-class hardware outsourcing one-stop PCBA OEM service provider in China. We hereby establish a dedicated PCB copying department, PCB design department, BOM analysis department, schematic reverse department, chip decryption department, electronic component procurement department, technical debugging department, procurement department, hardware reverse research and guidance department, and business department to cooperate with our own board factory to improve our work.

SZOROD has the most professional reverse technology research and development team in China, focusing on the research of replication (cloning) technology for various electronic products and device prototypes both domestically and internationally, with leading technology in the country. Focusing on copying single-layer boards, 2-32 layer circuit boards, blind buried hole boards, mobile phone board industrial control boards, high-frequency boards, aluminum substrates, and various types of circuit boards, there is currently no limit to the maximum number of design layers


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