PCB Cloning Service

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High Difficulty And Complex Multi-Layer PCB Board With Blind Hole


What is the PCB copying process?

Let’s take a look at the entire process of PCB clone

PCB Cloning Service

Send original PCB

1), The customer provides a complete PCB board. Take pictures with an HD camera. Or a scanner scanning an image. Keep track of the placement of the components above. 

Remove components

2) : Remove all components and handle the tin beads on the board.

some plug-ins have to remove the tin beads from the holes. Make the board smooth and even. Then clean it with professional PCB washing water.Enlarge the picture and print it out, one on one, remove the components and paste them on the paper.

pcb clone-2
pcb clone-3

Scan PCB

3):Scan the front and back sides of the PCB light board to save the picture. The ink is being sanded off. You can see the line up there. Save the image while scanning. If it is a multi-layer PCB board, it should be polished in turn by a professional polishing machine. Scan and save each layer.


4).The scanned images are professionally processed. Then copy PCB board, each copy layer should be carefully checked.

pcb clone-4
pcb clone-5

PCB drawring

5),The copied file is generated by CAM software. PCB drawring ,Gerber, BOM list, SCH ,Double check with the original scanned image.  

Short project cycle

Our design team not only has PCB copy board experience, but also has the ability of manufacturing design. The manufacturability work enables us to achieve 100% success rate of PCB copy at one time.

Low cost

SZOROD PCB copy board price is low. If we help you with mass production, the cost of PCB copy clone in the early stage can be waived

High-success rate

Reduce customer’s cost, save customer’s time, and ensure the success rate of cloning PCB 100%.

Guarantee of high quality

High-quality engineers. Standard copy PCB board process. Perfect quality assurance system, advanced manufacturing and testing equipment to provide excellent quality assurance.

PCB copy board involved in what industries?

Medical products
Blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter, ultrasound diagnostic instrument, heart failure diagnostic instrument,oximeter, ventilator, nebulizer, etc.
Industrial control
Servo motor circuit board, stepper motor circuit board, high-frequency circuit board, radio frequency circuit board;
Consumer electronic
Such as smart phone, printer, game, security product, intelligent home control product, electronic toy circuit, digital product circuit board, etc.
Car sector
Reverse radar, car testing and diagnostic equipment, ECU control board, GPS navigator,Automotive control motherboard, car sensors, Electric power steering system for automobiles
Information acquisition, wireless transceiver, AD digital to analog conversion PCB board, etc.Wireless communication module.
Motherboards, boards, server motherboards, audio motherboards, graphics cards, Toys, game consoles, balance bikes,etc.
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