How to crack the STM chip ID method?

How to crack the STM chip ID method?

STM32F0 (XX) STM32F1 (XX) STM32L0 (XX) STM32L1 (XX)
ST62T (XX) ST72F (xx); ST7FMC (xx); ST7FLITE (xx);
ST7FMC (xx); ST7FLITE (xx)

The specific methods are as follows:
Read the complete program segment and search for the key byte “E8F7FF 1F”. Because the unique 96 bit (12 byte) ID base address of STM32 is located at 0x1FFF7E8. If ID verification is involved in the program segment, it will inevitably read the ID index of the address in the chip.
Use a tool to read the 96 bit (12 byte) ID code of this chip at that address. Find an empty area to write to this address. Change the index address: For example, the chip ID code is “34 FF DA 05 4E50 38 31 19 65 18 43”. Select the starting address area 080000020. Enter “34FF 1843” in the first four bytes and “34 FF DA 05 4E 50 383119 65 1843” in the last 12 bytes. Change the index “E8F7FF1F” in the chip to “20000008”

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